Explore old convents, monasteries, castles, and much more. Dracula's castle and Transylvania are waiting for you!

Iasi, one of the oldest cities in Romania
Group Size:
around 11 volunteers
Delicious breads, sour cream, cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Try a thick pretzel-like dough filled with anything from raspberries, chocolate and cherries to ham, cheese, and mushrooms.
History (WWII involvement and how Romania survived communism), learn to speak Romanian, and all about local religious traditions and customs.
Live in an apartment with the other volunteers just a short walk from the orphanage. Host families will also be used as needed.
Fall semester is August-December, Spring semester is January-April, and Summer is May-August.

The melting pot of Europe

As you travel around Romania you will find parts that are heavily influenced by other cultures. At the Black Sea try Turkish foods and hear prayers from the Mosques. Brasov and Sibiu architecture is very German and Swiss influenced. You'll even see areas where every home is a different color. You'll find traditional Romania in the Transylvania area. Cross the nearby border into Moldova for Russian culture. There's also a high population of Hungarians.

Serving the people of Romania

The program in Romania is a little bit different than in other ILP countries. In Romania you'll spend your time volunteering in an orphanage. These children have their basic needs met, but you'll be able to give the precious gift of time and one-on-one attention to help them grow and succeed. Click below to learn more about this special program.

Pack your bags

Romania is situated conveniently near several favorite travel destinations. Cross the border and be in another country in less than a day. In fact, Iasi is only 38 miles from Moldova and 135 miles from Ukraine! Easily cross off more than a handful of countries from your bucket list.


Not only do you get to explore Romania, but you can also vacation throughout the European Union and Ukraine.

Saints and traditions

Spend your days serving the people of one of the top religious and traditional cities in Romania. Everywhere you go you will see beautiful Orthodox churches, convents, and monasteries. Walk through the cobblestone street on Sunday to hear beautiful chants from the many churches. A tradition is to do the sign of the cross while passing a religious building and even your taxi driver will show his respects!