Want to enjoy the sun while exploring ancient ruins and colorful streets? Or eat a mango on a stick while walking on the beach? We know, it's a pretty tough decision...but if you do, then Mexico is the place for you!

San Jose Iturbide, Irapuato, Celaya
Make a difference by helping children learn English.
Life Abroad:
Live in an apartment together near the school with other volunteers. Get your fill of authentic Mexico food. Learn how to make your own tortillas, explore ruins, and practice your Spanish skills.
Group Size:
4-6 volunteers
Fall semester is late August - December. Spring semester is early January - end of April/early May. Summer semester is early May - mid August.

Life in Mexico is always an adventure!

Pass off as a local by walking the streets and greeting passerbys with a friendly 'bueno.' Join in on a local street soccer match. Don't miss out on freshly squeezed juice (served in a plastic bag with a straw) on your way to school.


Lay out on one of the many beaches, wander through ancient ruins, visit one of the Catholic churches, or explore your own city and try the amazing local food from vendors. There's plenty to do in sunny Mexico!

Your students are so excited to learn.

You'll be amazed at how quickly they learn. The kids will shout to be the first to say the right English words during class and they love to laugh all the time. While you watch them grow throughout the semester, we have a feeling that you'll come to see that that these cute kids of yours will be the hardest to say goodbye to.