Is sailing by a beautiful castle your thing? How about riding your bicycle along the Baltic Sea? Do you like real, creamy chocolate? If you answered yes, then chances are that you will love Lithuania!

Vilnius and Kaunas
Make a difference by helping children learn English.
Group Size:
4-6 volunteers
Life abroad:
Either live in an apartment with other volunteers or with a host family. Feast on meat and potato dishes and enjoy European treats (hello crepes!). Visit historical sites and learn both Russian and Lithuanian.
Fall semester is late August - December, Spring semester is early January - mid to late April. Summer semester is early May to mid August.

Fall in love with Lithuania and all of its charm.

Vilnius is a place where a cup of hot chocolate is literally...a cup of melted chocolate (but the chocolate is to die for, so I doubt you’ll be complaining!). It’s a place where you can eat potatoes made 12 different ways & their love of cartoon cats is evident in paintings lined up along the cobblestone streets. It’s a place where most kids already speak 4 different languages. Your students are so fun and smart. You can actually have entire conversations in English with many of them!


Not only do you get to explore Lithuania, but you can also vacation throughout the European Union and Ukraine.

A strong Baltic history.

Vilnius boasts having one of the best Old Towns in Eastern Europe. And we agree! Stroll through the cobblestone streets, shop from the vendors & gaze at the beautiful churches. The people are strong as they have been through so much throughout history. Take a train to pay your respects at a WWII mass burial site just outside Vilnius. Walk up into the last standing tower and view photos from the days leading up to their incredible stand for independence.

...these kiddos are what really made my trip worth while.

"Before this summer I was 1) afraid of children and 2) never thought I'd like teaching. I was definitely going out on a limb when I decided to spend 4 months in a foreign country teaching English to children. But, those 4 months in Lithuania were probably 4 of the best months of my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything. It was fun getting to travel and see the world, but these kiddos are what really made my trip worth while. I've only been home for a week now, and I miss them like crazy already!" - Alba Levie