Go and Do!

ILP is a non-profit organization that arranges for young adults to have a life-changing semester abroad volunteering around the world.

Find Yourself While Helping Others
  • Grow.Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Share.Your unique personality and strengths are needed by both your students and your group of peer teachers.
  • Discover.Learn who you are and what direction you want to take. Heck, you may even decide on a major!
  • Give. As a native speaker, you have a special gift to give: the English language.

      Live In & Explore Another Country
      • Travel.Visit the Great Wall, Red Square, Krabi Island, or Ancient Mayan Temples.
      • Live. Four months to explore, travel, volunteer, learn, and make friends. Really know the country rather than being a tourist.
      • Learn.Let locals and friends teach you new skills such as speaking a new language, customs and cultural activities.
      • Explore.Teaching is half a day each day and then you have lots of free time to explore your city and the country around you.

          Build Your Resume
          • Get experience.Don't let school get in the way of your education. Get some real experience to go along with your classroom learning.
          • Get credit.Yes! You can arrange credit with your university while you take a semester abroad.
          • Get a break.Relax and take a much needed break from school to get refreshed.
          • Get ahead.Four months of volunteer service for kids will help you stand out on a job or grad school application.

              MAKE A DIFFERENCE
              • Help. Teaching kids English makes their lives (and those around them) better.
              • Teach.You'll play and spend quality time with each of your kids a couple of hours each day.
              • Influence.Change perceptions and influence tomorrow's leaders for good.
              • Love.Create relationships that will last a life-time.