Where can I travel?

ILP volunteers have vacation time each month so that they can travel and explore more of the culture around them. In Europe, volunteers are able to travel to neighboring countries. In other ILP countries, volunteers stay in their country during the semester, but there's more than enough places to see without going to other countries!

Taxco, Mexico

One of the girl's in my group, Kira's, host dad found out we were going to Taxco and told us to visit his sister, who is a Nun just outside of Taxco. When we arrived in Taxco it was beautiful. Cobblestone streets, VW Beetle taxi cabs and rolling hills. We hopped on a combi to take us to the monastery to visit the Nun sister. The monastery was amazing... the Sound of Music meets Nacho Libre (because everyone was speaking Spanish). The Nuns were awesome. They played basketball, harvested bees for honey and made us delicious cookies. They let us stay at the monastery for the weekend and cooked us delicious meals... for free! Best. Vacation. Ever. ---Paige Wortley (Volunteer in Mexico) ---

Beijing, China

Favorite vacation was when I went to Beijing and went on the great wall of China. On the wall there was a man trying to sell souvenirs but he came up to me, put a hat on my head, then said "We friends we take picture." So after our picture was taken, he grabs my arm and fake punches me and says "now Kung fu!" and he did that to every one of us. He was the funniest little man, and it made my great wall experience all the most magical. --- Krystal Fullmer (Volunteer in China) ---