What is teaching like?

Teaching English through the ILP method is more like organized play than traditional teaching. Optimize their learning through engaging and fun lessons such as baking cookies in kitchen, acting out "The 3 Little Pigs" in drama, or playing balloon volleyball in gym.

"Pobrecito huevo."

Since Easter was coming up, I thought it would be a fun lesson to dye eggs in class. My Mexican students apparently had no idea that an egg could be dyed because their eyes got huge when we pulled the first egg out of the colored water. Lots of gasps and "ohhhhh!"s. I let them hold their eggs, but told them to be very careful and explained that eggs can break. They held out their little hands so carefully as I passed out the eggs and I could see the concentration in their eyes as they repeated, "I be careful." After a moment, I turned around to see all the kids huddled in the corner. I hurried over to see what was going on and saw little Ricardo, looking up at me with tears in his eyes, shaking his head and holding out a broken egg saying, "pobrecito huevo!" (which translates in English to: poor little egg) I then taught them how to say this in English and all the students were shaking their heads saying, "poor egg" as they walked to their next class. --- Jen King (Volunteer in Mexico) ---