What are the kids like?

Adorable! Your relationship with your students and the effect that you have on their lives often becomes the most memorable part of your semester abroad.

He hugged me so tight I thought he wouldn't let go.

My favorite student was Ben. He was in my homeroom and was an absolute terror when we first started teaching. He would shout in Chinese, run around the room, and not cooperate AT ALL. but he somehow learned English faster than most of my students so I knew he was listening. He also never wanted to be touched- he was a very hyper, crazy kid but didn't like to be cuddled. As the semester went on he always wanted to show things to me and even outside of class I would always hear " TEACHA NEEKOLE!!!" across campus. By the end of the semester he gave me a clay animal he had made and hugged me so tight I thought he would never let go. I sure do miss that boy! --- Nicole Nelson (Volunteer in China) ---

He looked at me & got the biggest grin on his face.

I have a few favorite students....but my absolute favorite is named Sam. He is from Korea actually but he goes to the (almost) year-round boarding school in Weihai, China. He was a 5th Grader when I started teaching him and when I left he started crying and gave me one of his prized possessions, a small glass figurine of the Seoul, Korea TV tower. He said it helped him remember home and that he wanted me to have it to remember him. I still keep it on a shelf at my home. When I was able to go back and visit him almost 2 years later, he looked at me, then he got the biggest grin on his face, reached out to me with one hand (the other on his heart...super cute) and just said, 'Teacher!' After that, I was mobbed by all my students I had taught in Weihai, but he made sure that he got a chance to give me the biggest hug ever and talk with me and catch up on everything that had happened since we had last seen each other. --- Kayla McGill (Volunteer in China) ---