If you've been wanting to incorporate fur hats into your wardrobe, have never seen a ballet or tried Blini, then you have to go to Russia!

Moscow and Voronezh
Make a difference by helping children learn English through this Exchange program.
Life Abroad:
Get immersed into the culture and maybe have your very own babushka by living with a host family. Get your fill of hearty meals of meat, potatoes, and soups and don't forget to try Blini and Shawarma. Learn about history by exploring beautiful architecture and sites and practice your newly learned Russia in the markets.
Group Size:
Usually 6-10, depending on the semester.
Fall semester is late August - December. Spring semester is mid January - end of May/early June.

Get to know Russians & they will be your friend for life.

On the street it is not normal for Russians to smile, so you may hear that they are mean or cold, but they are so nice! Just embrace your first awkward moment when your natural urge to smile at a stranger comes out while they stare blankly back. The parents of ILP students are very kind and so grateful that you are teaching their kids. You may be lucky enough to have your very own ‘Babuska’ grandma who will make your stay in Russia memorable to say the least.


Not only do Russia volunteers get to travel to other places within Russia like St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod, and Pavlovsk, they also get to travel throughout the European Union and Ukraine.

Ballets, churches & metros...oh my!

There’s plenty to do and see. Head downtown and explore. Hold monkeys at an amusement park in St. Petersburg. Check out the beautiful, detailed churches. Experience the incredible ballets like The Nutcracker. Pick up authentic nesting dolls or a large painting to bring home. Any bookworms out there? Check out the must read Russian authored books: Anna Karenina, Crime & Punishment, and War & Peace.