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Thank you for submitting the online portion of your application. A representative will contact you soon to answer questions you may have and help you with the remaining parts of your application.

Now complete the reference request forms for your academic and character references. We will send the forms to the references you provide. If you don't have the email and address of your references now, you can just click in the form to save your information and come back later. Your application will not be complete without the completed reference forms, so be sure to complete this form as soon as possible. Also, be sure to read additional instructions on the reference request form below.

ILP Reference Request Form

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Academic and Character references are required to complete your ILP program application. Please review the information below and complete and submit this reference request form. ILP will then request the individuals you specify below to complete the appropriate reference for you application.
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Academic Reference Information
Your academic reference form should be completed by a teacher or professor who has taught you in the last two years.

Please enter below the name, email, and phone number of the person you have asked to complete your reference form for you.

Character Reference Information
To provide a uniform perspective, ILP prefers that your character reference be completed by your current ecclesiastical leader (i.e. Bishop, Minister, Pastor, Priest, etc.) If you are not a regular part of a religious congregation, this reference should be completed by a respected individual in your community who leads, supervises, or has responsibility for young adults and who knows you well enough to comment on your character.

Please enter below the name, email, and phone number of the person you have asked to complete your reference form for you.

By clicking "Submit" below you request the individuals listed above to complete a confidential ILP reference form and waive your right to see the form after its completion. By clicking submit, you also affirm that the individuals filling out the form meet the qualifications described in the form. If you are not willing to waive your right to see the completed form, please contact the ILP office regarding your concerns and do not submit this reference request form.

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