Find Yourself

When you volunteer you have an opportunity to step back & get a better picture of the direction you want your life to take: what’s important, who you want to be, and what you want to do next in your life.

  • Open your eyes.Appreciate what's important by experiencing different circumstances and ways of living.
  • Prepare for your future.The ultimate internship for parenting (all your future kids will have to learn English)
  • Thinking of a mission?A volunteer experience will help you decide what's right for you and prepare you.
  • Acquire life skills.Our volunteers do better in school when they get back.

      • Be a part of a team.Average group size is 10 teachers, with groups as large as 25 at some schools.
      • Be you.Your warmth and enthusiasm are just what the kids need to succeed.
      • Create lifelong friendships.Make friends with other volunteers, keep up the friendships after you get back.
      • See the results.There's nothing like the joy of success you will share with your kids when you witness them speaking English.

          • Get clarity.Real-life experience helps you decide on what you want to be. You may even decide on a major.
          • Have daily adventures.Teaching takes up half a day and then you have time outside of teaching for travel, exploring, learning... you name it.
          • Open your mind.You'll be immersed in another way of life and a completely different culture.
          • Gain more than you give.You'll go to teach the kids, but be amazed at how much you learn from them.

              • Give a unique gift.Speaking English is a gift that millions of people want. It's yours to give.
              • Open doors.Your efforts make sure the kids get a real English education. Many of our graduates get English speaking jobs or enter American universities.
              • Give more than just English.You'll give personal attention from an adult who cares.

                  Consider a gap year.

                  Need a break from school? Not sure what you want to major in or if you even want to major in anything? Download our e-book guide on what a gap year is and how to know which type is right for you.

                  download: Gap Year Guide