The most unique mountains in the world, the Great Wall, and the cutest kids on the planet. China is one of your biggest adventures.

ILP is happy to have several programs at cities in the following provinces: Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Guangdong.
Help children learn English and make a difference in the classroom with ILP's Exchange program.
Group Size:
Anywhere from 4-30 volunteers depending on your city. Some of our biggest groups are in China.
Life Abroad:
Live with fellow volunteers, either in dorms at the school or an apartment. Take Kung Fu classes, try Chinese calligraphy, and learn some Mandarin to help you get to know the locals. Practice your chop stick skills while you get your fill of rice and chicken!
Fall semester is mid to late August - December. Spring semester is late January to mid February - third week of June.

Every day is an adventure!

Experience it all in China because they have the perfect mix of history and modern. One weekend you could be learning traditional Chinese calligraphy and the next you could be zip lining through the forest. Visit beautiful, ancient temples. Go shopping at the biggest (and cheapest) markets in the world. Ride elephants. Stand over glass walkways along the edge of a mountain. Even walking down your neighborhood street and waving hello to locals as you pass can be an adventure.


It changed my life...

"I struggle making decisions, but I have never been more sure about a "right" decision in my life than the decision I made to go to China. It changed my life and I miss it every single day." - Jeremiah Tenney

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