Spend your semester serving children in a Caribbean orphanage by helping them learn English!

Haiti is one of ILP's Humanitarian programs. You will serve extremely underprivileged children in an orphanage by helping them (and other children in need in the community) learn English through the ILP method. Because you live with the children at the orphanage, you will have other opportunities to spend time with them and make a difference outside of the classroom as well.
Life Abroad:
Live at the orphanage with your fellow volunteers, eat typical meals of rice, beans, and pasta (especially spaghetti!), and practice your French and even learn some Creole.
Fall semester is August - December. Spring semester is January - April. Summer semester is April - August.
Group Size:
About 7-9 volunteers.

A Country Rebuilding

Haiti is a country that has unfortunately seen more than its fair share of destructive natural disasters for hundreds of years. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, mudslides...you name it. You're probably most familiar with recent events like the devastating earthquake in Port-Au-Prince in 2010 that caused world wide relief efforts and has left the people still attempting to recover. Even as recent as Fall of 2016 we watched Hurricane Matthew rip through the Caribbean hitting southern Haiti especially hard and moving up through Cuba and the southern States. So many Haitians have been left with nothing and you will find that your efforts are much needed here.

Make A Difference

The mission of ILP is always to provide you with opportunities to serve communities around the world, and this is especially true in Haiti. You get to live in the orphanage with the children you serve which puts you in a great spot to spend quality time with them every day. Teach them, get to know them, and be a positive impact in their life. If your primary goal for a semester abroad is to make a difference, Haiti is the right spot for you!


The Haiti program is unique because exploring and travel destinations around the country will be more limited. We know traveling is a big part of your experience though, so you'll still have as many vacation days as our other programs to see and experience the Caribbean!

"I love traveling in general, but there's something extra special about living in a foreign country...

I loved getting to know the people (especially the adorable niƱos) and culture, and serving the community. I will never forget my experience and I can't say thank you enough to ILP for giving me this opportunity!" -Nikki, a past ILP volunteer

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